NSF REU - Interdisciplinary Sustainable Biobased Products and Energy


FAQ about Bioenergy REU

  • When would I be able to move in at OSU?  Is it possible to move in a day earlier than when the program begins?

You can move in a day early, as long as you let me know in advance. I have to inform the housing office.

  • Is it possible to get the names and emails of the other REU students so I can communicate about possibly arranging transportation together?

I will be sensing a group Email to connect everyone.

  • What kind of transportation is there from the airport? And how could  I go about arranging that?

You can take a Taxi from the airport.

  • What does 'reasonable transportation expenses' include?  Would it include airfare and ground transportation?  Mileage or gas (and a night or two of hotel), if I chose to drive?

The reasonable transportation costs are for travel with in the State of Oklahoma. So we will reimburse the return fare from OKC/Tulsa Airport to Stillwater.

  • Do I need a car for program purposes or is transportation provided for all program activities?

Transportation is provided for all program related activities. However, on campus you have to make your arrangements for moving around, between dorm, labs, library, cafeteria etc.

  • Is there free time during the program in which I could sightsee?

You are off on weekends. Allows you to travel and explore.

  • Does the food allowance provide enough to cover all meals for the nine weeks?  Do the residence halls have cooking facilities? Will I have access to a refrigerator and microwave or other appliances? 


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